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Sunday, September 23, 2012

When Meg was born.

For baby number 2, Meggy, Daddy and Obaachan ordered me to stay at Obaachan's house starting a week before I was due. It was a broiling hot summer, with little or no air conditioning, and rain every day, so I was prickly heat from head to toe.

The Saturday before my due date, I had an appointment with the OB where I was told it would be at least two weeks before I had Meg. After a really good cry, Eimi and I headed back to the Shinjuku area, and I called Daddy, who met us and took us out for a nice bowl of hot curry and to see the new movie, The Empire Strikes Back. We took the long way home via bus, and the instant I entered the house I happily went into labor.


  1. Things I remember about Meg being born. Moving, everyone sleeping in the hospital room, and sitting there for what seemed like an eternity, holding the new baby, meg crying, and that white afgan like blanket. Meg being born are my first real memories. I feel almost like my life started when hers did.

  2. Oh and this may be the reason I love curry and the Empire Strikes Back...