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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Julie

Mom, taken at about 2 months old at her Uncle Dick and Aunt Janette Kampa's home in Klamouth Falls, Oregon. Uncle Dick's sister was a Catholic nun.

Her dad's hand is in the picture above.

Ron and Julie Selfie

Okay, not exactly a selfie, but the photo booth of the past is kind of like the selfie of today, right?

From Mom:

"I think this was on a trip to Portland, Oregon. It was in one of those photo booths. It might have been at Jantzen Beach, which at the time, was an amusement park in Portland. I think I was four, the summer before I started kindergarten. I knew I thought it was really special to get a picture just with Dad. I was still at that age when you have a crush on your dad and your mom, and I thought he was the best thing ever and he took a picture just with me! My dad carried that picture in his wallet for a long time. I have a few memories before this, but this is about the time that my memories begin. We were living on Polk street at that point. We lived in two different houses on Polk street; up the street at 517 or 617, and the owner they were buying from wasn't really reputable, so then my parents were able to go down the street and buy one with more rooms for less money."