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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obaachan Advice

I found a list I made of items of advice that Obaachan gave me one summer when I was staying with her.

  • It is better to have friends that don't live too close. Neighbors can snoop and know your doings, so they don't make good friends.
  • Don't lend money. If someone is asking for money, it's because they don't have any, so they won't pay you back.
  • Don't marry someone too tall. It looks funny. Better someone about the same height.
  • Don't marry someone with a long face. A little face is better.
  • Half-Chinese, half-Japanese children are the smartest.
  • Don't cut your nails too short; they'll bleed and they are hard to heal.
  • Roll your clothes up to pack them. More will fit. That's what Motoyuki does.
  • Fold your clothes up and hit them before you hang them to dry. They won't wrinkle that way.
  • Run clothes through the washer one or two extra times to get all of the detergent out.
  • Don't go for the #1 guy in class, because he'll have a big ego. Go for the #2, because he's still smart but won't think too much of himself.
  • Marriage isn't fun. Don't look forward to it.
  • Save money. Then you will be happy.
  • It is best when the whole family lives close by.
  • When you are a big lawyer, hire your mom to run the office. Give Eimi and KJ jobs too.
  • Don't let animals sleep in your room. Their hair will get stuck in your throat and lungs.
  • Don't eat greasy foods. They'll make you fat, and they'll raise your cholesterol.
  • Don't go for handsome guys, because they think they're good-looking. Better one that is a little bit homely.
  • Don't tell a guy that you like him. Just find a chance to pay him a compliment.
  • Don't walk around barefoot in the house. It will make childbirth more difficult. If you always wear your slippers or socks, the baby will come right out.
  • If you go on a trip, always bring back presents to your teachers. They may not show it, but they will like you for it.
  • Be polite. People will like you if you learn to be polite, and will be offended if you don't.
Words to live by...