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Sunday, September 23, 2012

When Eimi was born.

Having a baby in Japan is a real adventure. In the day, most hospitals wouldn't allow the dad in for the labor and delivery, but since we had a Japanese dad and an a foreign mom, and Daddy was Lamaze certified, they let him in. Daddy was a good coach clear up almost to the end. In the delivery room he started to chat with the doctor while I continued to hyperventilate and go numb. Flailing my numb arm around to get his attention, I accidentally hooked his collar and brought him down to his knees. That got his attention and brought him down to eye level with me. He then handed me a paper sack to breathe into.

When all was said and done and Eimi Sue had arrived, to my surprise the doctor hustled over to congratulate Daddy, not me. And what was he congratulating him on? Not fainting and splitting his head open on the gas tanks the way the last Japanese father had.

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  1. Way to go padre! I also remember you telling me a story about dad's birthday cake and going into labor. I love that Dad's birthday is so close to mine.