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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aunt Wilma's Chair

The other day I was pretty worn out, and was rocking Luke in my Aunt Wilma recliner that Kathy passed on to me.

I got thinking about how much Aunt Wilma would have liked to know that I was rocking my babies to sleep in her chair, how she would have held them and cooed over them and loved them. And then I felt like I was getting a big hug from Aunt Wilma.

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  1. That ol' recliner is such a great reminder of two of my favorite ladies, Aunt Wilma and Aunt Doris! Aunt Wilma sent it back to CA with Kathy and myself, and it was just what Doris needed for a while there...and that made Wilma very happy. I have to agree that she would (does!) love the fact that you rock your boys to sleep in her rocker, I can just hear her saying how wise they look, or commenting on Ethan's huge vocabulary, or Caleb's locks and his lot in life being a middle child...and especially how proud she would be of YOU Meggie, for all that you and John are accomplishing, and how great you are with the boys. *Sigh* You know she would be bragging about all of the Kenworthys and Yamadas to her friends...bet she is right now!