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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Playing on Polk Street

Okay, I really want to get this started, so help me out here. When I think of Eimi, KJ, and myself on Polk Street, I mostly think of playing outside while Grandpa watched TV. And, for some reason, I always think of summer when I think of Polk Street. A few things that come to mind (additions please!):

-Splashing in the plastic pool and laying out in the back yard.
-Riding bikes all the time (also, the month I wasn't allowed to ride after my appendectomy; torture!). We were always trying to do tricks like standing up on the seat.
-Roller skating (also trying to do tricks).
-The one time a cherry grew on the cherry tree, and KJ ate it, then later Mom said no one should eat it because who knows what they had sprayed on that tree.
-Lots of "prunes" from the "prune trees."
-You never wandered into Muffin's corner of the back yard if you wanted to keep your shoes clean.
-One time I secretly planted some pumpkin seeds back by the shed and was super excited when they started to grow. I don't think we got any pumpkins though.
-When the house was for sale, Mom made us put up the tent in the back yard and play out there so that we wouldn't mess up the house.
-Running from the living room into the TV room and flipping over the back of the sofa.
-Lots of judo throws onto the couch.
-Setting up a "car wash" in the front yard, which meant two of us crawled along the walkway, and the other sprayed them different ways with the hose.
-Lots of running through the sprinklers and washing the car.
-Going for walks with Grandpa and Muffin.
-Jumping off the triple bunk beds in Rosie's room.
-Summers at Paul Nelson Pool.
-Listening to reruns of All in the Family, I Love Lucy, and other Nick at Nite shows emanating from Grandpa's room.
-Playing hide-and-seek with Muffin.
-The ice cream man.
-Being excited about getting to mow the lawn with Grandpa.


  1. YES! Thank you for getting the ball rolling! Love you!!!!

  2. Making mud pies in the back yard

    The one bush we put Christmas lights on and would take pictures infront of in the front yard

    The metal roof on the addition room and the sound when it rained

    The awesome 70s yellow kitchen

    Running through the bathroom with two doors to make a circle through the house (does anyone else think its strange the bathroom had two doors?)

    Cinnamons puppies, licorice, clove, and pepper

    The garden in the back yard

    Getting our first computer

    Having my own room for a few months when we rotated rooms

    The fact grandpas bathroom never had a shower curtain

    I still get creeped out when hearing the unsolved mysteries theme song

    Talking about Japan.

    Learning to drive in the Buick. ... I think I was 13 when I first started driving grandpa.

    Sunny country 102

    KJ and his matchbox cars

    ... Going to have to think and list more later :)